Emergency Rubber Roofing this Christmas Season

It’s Christmas time hey hooo! You are surely busy for the holiday preparations and buying gifts for your loved ones. While the holiday season is upon us, never forget to make a quick inspection of your roof in preparation for the intervals of hailstorms and heavy snowing. You don’t want to spend your Christmas with a dripping, discolored wall and puddles on the floor.

All roofing materials regardless of its material and design will wear down over time. The long summer days and the icy conditions have caused expansion and contraction in your roofing materials and emergency roof situations may happen when you least expect it.

Fret not, there are easy ways to fix it and you can do it yourself!

You only need to buy a Quick Roof Emergency Rubber Roofing Patch Kit. It will just cost you $10 for each rubber roofing patch kit– just within your budget and without the stress of waiting while your local roofing contractor are still wedged with their other clients.

Here are a few step-by-step emergency rubber roofing techniques this Christmas:

Step 1. Clean your roof and use a plastic shovel to get off the bulk of snow. If your roof is packed with snow, this will take about 30 minutes to an hour.

Step 2. Remove all or most of the water off your roof surface by using sponge.

Step 3. Inspect for different leaks and damage on your roof. Look for loose shingles, protruding screw, or detached curb. Place bright objects as mark for these leaky spots.

Step 4. Take out your emergency rubber roofing patch kit that contains 6-inch by 1-foot self-adhesive rubber patch, two alcohol wipes and one scrub pad. Use the alcohol wipes and scrub pad to clean and remove dirt in the surface.

Step 5. Use a hair dryer or heat gun to ensure the roof surface is dry.

Step 6. Prepare the rubber roof patches. Just peel the self- adhesive rubber patch and seal for an instant repair. The rubber roofing patch can also be used for metal and vinyl surfaces.

Step 7. Put the rubber roof patches in other minor leak spots. Cover all of them.

Easy peasy. While you can do it all alone, it is still best to take precaution. Have someone available as a spotter for the leaks when you’re on the roof or when you’re using the ladder. Roofs are slippery this winter, and it is always best to have company.

Remember, the emergency rubber roofing patch is just temporary. Contact your trusted roofing contractor immediately once the holiday rush settles down.

Have a leak-proof roof and joyous holiday season!Remove featured image