How to Choose a Pet-friendly House Paint

Are you considering redecorating your home? Thinking of repainting that furniture?

Contemplating to do all of these and you have pets around? We hate to break your enthusiasm, but we must sound the alarm. You should take into serious consideration, choosing a pet-friendly house paint. Not all paints are created equal for your furry and feathered babies at home.

You do not want your pets licking or inhaling those toxic gases usually found in the regular house paints. It can cause eye irritation, clogged airways, dizziness and even fur & feather loss! Do not think that keeping the windows and doors open will be enough while you’re painting. Your pets are more at risk particularly when the paints are drying. Some toxic fumes are even released even after the paint has dried.

What are the things then to consider when purchasing a pet-friendly house paint?

First, check the ingredients! Make sure the paint has no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and with natural-based ingredients such as essential oils and paint dyes. It should be water-based, not solvent-based. Pet-safe house paints should be free of heavy metals and creosote.

Do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer or suppliers regarding the safety of your pets with their product. Do your research and ask other pet owners in online chatgroups what house paints they have used before and did not experience any health issues.

These pet-friendly house paints may cost more than your regular paints. But remember, you can save in the long run from veterinarian fees.

Second, choose a stain-proof color! You might be considering picking that bright green, blue or light colors for your wall. However, smudges and scratches from the paws of your dogs and cats can easily be seen on these colors. If dark color is your motif, we recommend olive brown or pecan as marks of your pets can go unnoticed and blend in. We also highly recommend selecting off- white or cream as touch-up can be quick and easy.

Third, choose the right finish! We recommend using a paint finish that contains lower sheen such as semi-gloss or satin. This has the right amount of luster that protects your paint and makes it scrubbable and easy to clean from the dirt and grime from the claws, paws and tails of your pets.

Your pets will surely find a way to mark their territory in your newly repainted space in due time. Maintaining your new paint also includes storing some toxic-free touch-up kits that will cover these pet scratches with ease.

Living with pets will make your home messier, but this will also make it livelier! So, whether you are a cat lady, a Labradoodle lover or a parrot breeder, create a pet-friendly space by choosing the right ingredients, color blend and finish.

Have a leak-proof roof and joyous holiday season!